Fine Art Photography

This is collection of black and white photographic work that I have created over several years. Most of the subjects I tends to create images of are of nature base because of my love and concern for the future of our ecosystem. This work represents only one aspect of the photography I so love and as time moves on so will my work.


Water Lily Series Number One

This series is a testament to the notion sometimes you do not have to go any farther than your own backyard to find beautiful subjects to create images of. Water Lilly Series Number One is an exploration of light and shadow that had been filtered through the surrounding trees and cast on to the lilies in my pond. By keeping the images in black and white rather than color it pushed me to pull out the rich, broad tonal values as well as perfect compositions of the subject.


Palisade-Kepler State Park

Palisade-Kepler State Park is a growing body of work that celebrates the beauty of Iowa that is not of corn fields and barns, but of landscapes filled with rivers, forest and grasslands. This park, established in 1922, is more than a great place to camp but it is a park that offers a verity of topological areas to explore. Whether you walk the trails, repel the steep limestone walls or float the river there will be pull you back to this place again and again. For me I found Fall to be the best experience of this park with the explosion of color through the trees and forest floor. However I plan to make it a personal mission to continue creating images throughout the seasons and not of just the landscape but the wildlife that call the park home.