Kepler State Park



Palisades-Kepler State Park

In 1922 Palisades State park was created from James Sherman Monott’s 160 aces of park land by the State Board of Conservation. With the gift of land from Louis H. Kepler estate, the park essentially doubled in size and changed the name to Palisades-Kepler State Park in 1928.  

Because of the camping my wife and I have done in this park over the years, I have been enamored with the sights and sound of the area. The call of the birds and the sounds of the Cedar River have drawn us in and cleansed the stress out of the daily grind of our lives. It is this that inspires me to create images of the park throughout the year. To capture the peace and serenity that it has to offer in images and inspire more people to visit. Our lives are hard enough but if we take the time to enjoy this or the many other Iowa State Park we can find they help our pursuit in better mental and physical health.

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