About Me

My photography, like art, is an expression of who I am and my life around me. Each subject I have created an image for has been studied not only in composition but in the different types of light to get the best photograph of it. Some images have been in the process of creation for many years and the right conditions to capture my vision for it.

I have chosen photography as my art because I am fascinated by the process in which to create an image on film to paper. I started my art in the era of film, darkroom, paper, and chemistry. I was hooked taking a device that projected an image on to a light sensitive canvas, developing it and working a vision into the image in a darkroom. Now I have taken that experience and moved it into the digital age of DSLR’s and Photoshop. The process of creating an image is still the same just without all the chemistry and long hours in a darkroom. Although there are plans to return to film someday.

With my photography that I have created has been and will always be for me.  For others, I hope you see more than just a picture hanging on a wall or on a screen. What I believe you will get out of it the connection of the subject to the light and composition in the environment. That like someone who paints, the canvas I have filled with color or the grey scale of a black and white image connects with you as it does with me.  Photography is more than the snapshot it has become, it is art and I hope you discover that in the images I have created.

 Gallery List

Cedar Rapids Museum of Art;  March 2017 to present www.crma.org/

Mcgowan House Artisan; 2010 to 2015 (closed)


Worked with

Unity Point, St Luke's Hospital Cedar Rapids Pathology Department

Unity Point, St Luke's Hospital Cedar Rapids Medical Laboratory Science Department