Frost #4-7-9

Last Fall I was fortunate enough to have an hour to create these frost images. I enjoy getting down on the ground and photographing the plants and things that often get over looked. Being fall it seems that the only time we do look down is when the frost has built up on the plants.

I think the fascination with the frost on the plants is how the crystals grow and reach out from the plant. It epitomizes the fact that death is happening or will happen to all things summer as fall turns into winter. It is sad if you think about it but when the frost comes it creates a beautiful coating that makes the passing magical.

I chose a duotone look to give a little color in a rather colorless time. The first image is a cone flower just before it goes to seed. The Goldfinches love to feed on these throughout the winter.  The second is some ground cover that tends to stay green well into winter and the last is an annoying plant that grows berries.