First Opening

The third and last image I felt was one for the hospital was this waterlily opening up for the first time. A new flower breaking through and opening up for the first time in the sun with some peddles not fully stretched out. Again, the spot light on its coming out with the pads playing a support roll.

Why I chose this one;

Like the last image this photograph has layers created by the light that gives subtle details pleasing to my eye. I find the reflection of the flower soothing as water can be in an image whether it is a painting or photograph and the bug in flight give scale to the subject.

Compositionally the motion of my eye is circular but I don’t have as much detail as I did in Waterlily; Absent of Colo, but that is not to say that this image is devoid of interest. The main pad that leans against the flower has patterns that pleasing both on the bottom and edge on to us. Moving along the edge I can see the motion of the bug in flight pushing me to the back and into the shadows and eventually around to the reflection of water. Reflections I find peaceful, calming element of water. Under the surface of the water is the pads moving to the edge of the main pad again. Like the one image before this works so much better in black and white. There is more depth to the story of this image without the color that I feel influents emotion and motion.   

What do you think? Now that I have shown the three images it is time to decide and maybe have a conversation the broader picture. Let me know what you think. Is there at least one image you believe is the best or maybe I should start over with a whole new set. Maybe I shouldn’t bother with it? Leave your comments or email me and the one you pick. One lucky person will be chosen to win their pick, enlarged, matted and signed.. Thanks again for your feedback and feel free to pass this or any other post along.

First Opening