Still Here

I know it has been a while since I have posted on my blog or uploaded a podcast but it has been crazy lately. I try to budget my time in order to accomplish all the tasks that go into my posts but lately, I haven’t had the time, more to the point, motivation. It’s not that I am loosing interest in what I have been doing, but the energy to get it done. See I have changed my place of employment and instead of starting at 10 am I now start at 4 am. You would think it wouldn’t be that hard to change hours but it has been. So while I got use to my new wake up time of 2:45 I paced myself through the day and finished up some projects. Without getting into deep on all that I have finished, I thought I would post my last portrait session I created this year.

I really enjoyed creating these portraits of my friend Erin’s girls at their home. They were such a delight to work with were very patient between the background changes. Of all the portraits I am partial to the portraits done on the black background. My goal, with having only the one light, was to create an intimate portrait with the Baroque Style Lighting. The images I am most drawn to are the individual portraits where they are not smiling. I feel there is more of a connection to the viewer with these images than the others. Again over all the session was great and I am really happy with how everything turned out.

So this winter I am taking some time to renovate a room that I had been using but turning it over to my wife. It was a cat, storage and studio for my clean up work as well as my podcast but I will be cleaning it up and turning it into a quilting room for my wife. As for me, I will be taking a smaller room for my photography and podcasting studio. I don’t need much and the closet is a perfect size to record in. The last two days I have been going through items, pitching some and placing some in a better storage container. Once the room is cleared I will begin the demolition process, taking the lath and plaster walls out, redoing the lights and wall sockets. Then finally, refinishing the wood floors. I will post as the project progress. I am hopeful that it will not last too long and I can get my room set up.

A new year is starting and I am also looking to revamp this sight. I plan to separate the portrait work from this site on to a new one, leaving this site dedicated to the landscape and artwork. I am also working on new side projects that I believe will befit photographers that follow me. Without giving away too much, I hope to create content that will cover many topics that will be able to be applied to your photography. I’m excited.

So new stuff coming up, new looks and new places to go. I will keep you posted.