Vacation is Coming

In a few weeks I will have 10 days off from work. 10 days to do what I want. Where to start? For the most part I have already decided the big concept of this time off, but the fine details are needing to be ironed out. That is always with me, I have the big ideas but I struggle with the small goals to lead up to the big finish. I shouldn’t worry because I have two and half weeks to plan, right, but I do and the more I worry the more I tend to freeze up and then when it comes to the big day, I have nothing. That is worst


So here is the big plan; to go two state parks and scout out some photographic opportunities. One park I am going back to is Kepler but I am not set on the second park. When I am not doing that I plan to rework the site to better represent what I do and what I am about as a photographer. Recently I have restarted my portrait end of my photography but I still really want to keep going on with my landscape work. The plan it to create a site that has both which some people would advise not to do. The thought is that is confuses potential customers and instead of booking you, they move on. I guess I will take that risk because as a photographer, I feel I need to present who I am as a photographer.


I am also reworking my blog and instagram pages to better reflect who I am as a photographer. I have not decided if I am going to delete photographs that doesn't reflect my work. I want the gallery page of my instagram feed to represent my style and subject matter I cover. As far as the day to day stuff I could post it on the Facebook page or post them on my blog with a story. As far a the blog, I want to journal more about the day to day stuff rather than specifically create stories to sell me, if that makes sense? If you look at a lot of blogs you may find well crafted stories that are designed to sell the services by telling stories about specific sessions. That is great but that is all you read in the blog. I want to not only right about the sessions that were fun but I will also write about my travels in the park, stories about the bike I am working towards, my pets, or the beer that I tried. I feel these are the stories that give you a better way of connecting with me.


I guess I will start with that and work on to bigger things,for now I will get my plans straighten out in the next few day. I need to make the most out of the time I have off.