As a person who is own by several cats, 4 to be exact, and a dog, there is no more joy then the care and love that they give you. They are companions that help brighten our day when thing go wrong or even go right. Pets are the small furry stress relief we can pet and vent to at the end of the day. They give us happiness and unconditional love all the time. Like their short statute, their life with use is just a small bit of our much longer lifetime, but for such a short lifespan they manage to make a long and deep impression on us. Today was one of those days were we had to say goodbye to one of our loving pets, Munchkin.


Munchkin was one of 4 brothers who came to us by accident, by that I mean their mom got out and tramped around the neighborhood. When they were born we tried to stick to some theme on naming them which didn’t work out. His and his brother, Oz, started the theme but the other two, Max and Toro ended that. More or less Munchkin got his name because he was the runt of the litter, he even got his own theme song which the others did not. And I am not sure why he did, but my wife nonetheless came up with the song.  We intended to give the cats away but after we had envest time and love into them we soon found they were a permanent part of our quadruped family.


Munchkin was loving cat but a little on the spooky end. He wasn't the type to greet strangers but if you were a frequent visitor you might get a chance to see him. For family, his seeking attention was on his terms but once you passed his test, a good belly rub or scratch behind the ears alway elicited a serenade of purs. As far a I could tell he was a good sibling to his brothers but seemed to prefer to hang out with Ozzy.


I think the hardest thing about being owned by a pet is when it is time to let them go. It is one of those decisions you play over and over to really be sure you are doing the right thing. And when you do make that decision to help them on the next journey, that day becomes even harder to get through. I believe that it is possible that Munchkin knew it was time just by the fact that he had stopped eating and seek solitude, but it was still hard to do. However I did have comfort in the fact that I knew I could be there all the way to the end and that I had the support of my Veterinarian, Dr. Mark Klopfenstein and the vet techs of Animal Medical Center, whom I very fond of. Munchkin was a great cat and well loved. His memory will live with us and in the reflection through is two remaining brothers.


Being owned by pets can be tough but with all the work and love we put into it, we get so much more out of it.