The Last Time

So what have I been up to? I feel I have written or talked about this topic way to often this year. It is not that I am so busy with photography that I can’t take a few moments and blog or make a podcast about my work. Busy is not the problem, the lack of being busy and have no motivation to do it is closer to the issue. It’s not that I haven’t created photographs, it is just that I have created too few to blog about. So when I feel I have enough to talk or write about I then recap it out for all to see. I am finding this tiresome and feel that this is the last one that I will do going forward. With that said here is the skinny on all that has transpired over the past few months. 

Buffey and I have purchased a camper and we are camping as often as we can. This has given me some inspiration to write about the experience from a  photographer’s point of view. Iowa has some great landscapes that don’t involve barns, cornfields, and dirt roads, some of them are in our campgrounds around the state and that to me is a great subject to journal. So far we have gone to our favorite site, Palisade-Kepler State Park, twice and Pleasant Creek once. Each one had different subjects to create images of that would make great photos on anyone's wall or portfolio. As the summer moves on, we plan to stay at parks we have never been to before with a week or so long stay at a park at the last two weeks of October. Keep you posted on where that is.

I have new business cards for general and pet photography. I had them printed at Staples for a relatively low price. I was motivated to create them after a grooming shop owner loved the portraits of Stella and Triskaideka and wanted to had out cards along with having her dogs portraits done. I am excited and hopeful that this could be good for business. 

I have had two family portrait sessions out at Ellis Park this year and they turned out fantastic. Ellis is one of my go to places to create family, senior or any outdoor portraits that I haven’t used in a while. With spring rains creating flood conditions a lot of my favorite spots have become unusable. That has forced me to look for new spots or go back to some old haunts and look at them with new eyes and try some new ideas. The first family, the Reeds, we started at the stone bridge and ended in Shakespeare's Garden. We created images of the whole family, individual kids and lifestyle like portraits. My second family had similar needs but my favorites were the individual images of her boy and her younger girl. I am looking forward to going back and rediscovering fall portraits there and I am sure other portrait photographers will too. 

With mid-summer arriving there are a lot to write and talk about yet to come and I am going to work on making sure I share them with you. With a new camera I am dying to try some astrophotography this summer. I have tried it before but my old camera could not produce images  in very low light situations but this one can. I am really looking forward to the fall camp out and if we get to book the place we want then it should be a great opportunity to create some spectacular fall images. 

So stay tuned and I will be posting some of my images from the past campouts as well as some new ones at our next two campouts coming up. And yes this is the last post that is all about catching up, I promas.