Last weekend I got to create portraits of Kylie and her cat Wilson. As Kylie puts it, “Wilson was the first adult purchase.” Kylie turned 18 recently and headed up to ISU for college. Sometime between college and birthday, not sure when, she picked up this cute cat and made it a part of her new life.



After they arrived we started out the portrait session with the two of them so that Wilson could get at ease with me and the set up. The things with cats is that most of the time they feel their best at home and not in strange places. By having Kylie and Wilson together I had hope to make him feel safe and for the most part it did. Once we got a few portraits of them together we set up a comfy chair and tried some on his own.



Wilson has a ribbon that is an equivalent of a wooby, his toy that makes him feel safe. If any other cat has it he has been known to take it away. I brought out a cat toy that most of my cats go nuts over but being in a strange place he just looked at it. We got out his ribbon and that perked him up a little but only when we wrapped him up in Kylie’s sweater he relaxed.

Wilson is a great cat and I had a great time getting to know him. As short as the session was I feel I came out with some great shots for Kylie. Kylie has a great cat and I think the will bring a lot of happiness to each others lives.