Meet Holly and Matt

A few years back wedding photography was one of my subjects that I photographed but as demands of home life and job changes made it difficult to keep taking them. But opportunities in my life now  have made it so that I can start back into the portrait business once again. That is when Holly asked me, through a suggestion by Lane a mutual friend, if I could photograph her and Matt’s wedding. The date is set and the shot list is complete and the only thing left is the engagement session.



Now the situation is they are getting married the first Saturday in April and that did not leave us much time for the engagement session. We had to wait until it was at least warm enough to melt the snow as well as not freeze like a popsicle. So to leave us enough room for the session and the wedding we decided to shoot on the first weekend of March and make the best of it as we could.



The thing about pre-spring days are that you can get a great warm couple of days and then the temperature  just drops and it snows. Yeah this time of year is unpredictable and you make the best of the day’s, warm or cold.  For Matt and Holly the day was cold but they were up for the task and a mid-shoot stop at Brewhemia to warm up. A warm cup of java always goes good with cold weather.


We went down to my favorite photo spot and started with the old shop that is in rather rough shape. I really like the texture of the peeling paint and the bear wood it really worked well not only in color but black and white. With an overcast sky and cold temperatures we headed out to the second location of or session. Moving through the various poses we joked around and did what we could to keep warm. Funny it did not seem to be cold when I walked out the door but out in the wind is when it really hit me and made it hard to work the camera. We completed a few more poses along the brick walls and track when it was time to head to Brewhemia where they were kind enough to reserve a table for us.



After grabbing a hot cup of magnificent java, we started taking photos again. Just some interaction shots and closeups of the ring, coffee and the two of them. After the coffee had warmed Matt, Holly and I, we moved to the last location, an old corrugated steel structure with just the right amount of rust. A few poses later and the filling of my memory card we called it a day.

Despite every attempt of the cold to spoil the shoot we manage to come out with a great set of photographs. I also got to catch up with Holly who I knew from McLeod Publishing as well as meeting a great guy Matt. With the fun we had I believe the wedding day will be great and I am excited I get to create a great set of portraits to commemorate their day.