Day 9; The Winding Road

I have come across this scene at least a dozen times and each time I had attempted to create an image I have been less than happy with it. However today was different. Today the quality of the sunlight as well as its position that had changed which had made all the difference. This is a perfect example where persistence, not giving in paid off.

I am drawn to this image because of the feeling of emerging out of the darkness into the light. Ironic, I feel I have emerged out of the funk I was in with this image, in to the light of success. My eye is drawn down the road which leads me to the detail of the trees in the shadows. I am also partial to natural framing and feel that I had accomplished that with the dark leaves surrounding the lighter leaves which in turn frame the trees trunks in the center of the image. A frame inside a frame. 

The park in which this road leads through is one that has a warm inviting light to it. A light that almost feels like home, a shelter away from the stress of the city, job and people. This park is a place I love to go to when I just need to get away from it all. I could live here all year around and never get bored walking round.

Winding Road