Day 10

I seem to have a couple of themes going in the past images and which one that appears to you will be in what state of mind you are in. I believe that art changes depending on the state of mind you are looking at it. This can have an effect on what you see in the image, if the piece resonates with you or not and that your preference for a piece changes not only with time but mood.  

For the creator mood on a conscience and subconsciousness level will often appear in the themes of their work. It is easy to attach the color of the pallet the artist might use to conclude what state of mind the artist could be in. The other method of understanding an artist just on their work is the subject matter and compositions of the subjects. For me I think I am starting to see my subconscious playing out. So without getting to deep here is what I am starting to see in my work.

First, I do not include people in my nature scenes. I want you to be in the work or view the work as if you are in the scene. It is a reminder that we are a part of nature no matter how much we try to deny it.  People for a long time have fought to extricate themselves from nature. We believe we can change nature to our will, we build cities that are full of glass and metal and pave it all. When we travel we use metal canisters get us there fast and in comfort and never giving a thought on the experience of our surroundings is part of the journey.

I don’t want the viewer to focus on things that are familiar but instead reconcile the things that aren’t. Things in nature are familiar to most people in the since they know what they are, but most people don’t have a relationship with it as they do with people. By taking the people out of the image you can’t, on some level, relate to it. And if we want to keep living on this planet we must be able to relate to nature as we relate to each other.  For most people it is a place to visit and when they are tired of it they can just go home. But truly there is no separation between the two and when Nature is destroyed then we will parish.

Second theme that is coming out is the framing that I see. I am attracted right now to natural and constructed frames. They draw attention and help focus the subject. Most of my fames help me or guide me to the importance of the composition. I am feeling I need that right now. I understand the big goal but sometimes the path is not always clear. Right now, I am starting down a path, emerging from a darkness of confusion and frustration on to the light that will guide me through to my success.

The last theme is an arching theme on the lack of color in most of my work. Color to me has too much emotion attached to it. As I grow older I move away of the emotion that made me rashly act out instead of looking at the structure of event that was before me. My emotions have lead me down some paths that hurt me more than helped me. Had I looked at the composition of life lessons and how it fits the bigger picture I might have the courage to pursue things I am only doing now. Understanding how to use emotions is like understanding when to use color in image with good composition.

Along the Path