Guaranty Bank Building

This image is of the Guaranty Bank Building, one of the oldest buildings in Cedar Rapids. I created this photograph about 5 or so years back while a friend of mine, Johnny B, and I were on a photo walk. It was created about sun set on a warm summer day. I was across the street when the warmth of the red of the bricks reflected the quality of light while everything on street level was growing dark. So, with camera on tripod I made a few exposures before the light disappeared.

This image is a great example of how lines both direct and indirect can move one’s eye through a composition.  Direct lines that show up due to the ledges and the shadow cast by them move the eye from the bottom left to the top right. The indirect lines are created by the darken windows and the perfect alignment of direction as the ledges. I believe adding to the ease of the eye traveling through the image is the fact the lighter end is on the left to the darker end on the right, the same way we read.

The movement up and down this photograph is done in much the same way with the windows moving the eye and the raised outcrop in the center helping. Again, the light has the ability to move your eye through the piece. With the brighter spot bordering the first and second third of the photograph, you eye is drawn to move to the darker right side.

Light does not only convey a mood but helps with the details of the building that is unique to its design. There are 4 truly visible window air conditioners that move from bottom left to top right which expose the two different window types, arched, and straight edged almost framed. Light also reviles the bands that seem to be holding the outcropped portion of the building. These raised pieces almost look like the tape that holds the outcrop on to the building. Finally, the highlights of the small reliefs that are in the shadowed side of the photograph.

Lastly the quality of the light captured along with the simple pattern give this piece a calming effect. This could hang on a wall and not get a lot of great attention but with the warm color your room would be a warm calm place away from the stresses of the day. I get a feeling of serenity and confidence that all will be well while you are here and when you leave.

Over all this was a piece that I at first did not give too much consideration to. In fact, it sat for some time before I decided to process it. Once I did I have enjoyed it as a background screen on my computer and phone. I could see this in a large print size, matted and framed hanging on a wall in my office or my Living room.