Making of a Print

Well I have picked up my print and I am meh about it. The printers did a fine job and printed exactly to the proof but I think where I feel it to be a loss is in the punch of the image. I think where I went wrong is not understanding the medium I was printing on. I was hoping that I would have a lot of the qualities of a photograph on the paper when it was never going to happen. But all is not lost

This is what the image has going for it; it is sharp throughout the image. There are no blown out whites or funny digital hiccups that detract from the image. The greyscale is exactly as I had created it and the dark are full. There is not a flaw in the print anywhere in this print. The only thing I don’t like is the lack of a punch in contrast that you get from a photographic paper. With that said, I am not going to trash it but stare at the print for a while and figure out what to do with it. I may just matte and sell it and let buyer frame it themselves. I am, however, going make a large print of the same image on photographic paper.

But to counter that small disappointment I created some images of my Yucca plant that is blooming in the backyard. This is the second year in a row that both plants have bloomed and so I took advantage of my day off and defused sunlight to make these images. Two of these images are shot in front of the vine plant growing next to it. I find that the green textured leaves of the vine plant make a great modeled background when it’s blurred out. The last one is done with black side of my reflector to hide what was behind the flower.

I really liked the soft defused light in the images I created and feel that it is the key that makes the photograph despite what I had originally planned. I was looking for the sunlight streaming through the tree to create drama of highlights and shadows that are in my water lily photographs. Instead I kept battling the high think clouds of the morning so I just went with it and ending up loving them more then what I had planned. Funny how that works.

If you love these or any images on my site feel free to contact me for a price quote on any size of print you want, as well as any questions you might have. I would love to talk to you. And if you have enjoyed this post or the images I have created, feel free to share I would appreciate it.

Catching Up

For the past several weeks I have been training, or should I say retraining at my new job. Unlike the group of lucky few photographers, I have not made my passion my fulltime vocation. So, I work as a phlebotomist at a local hospital to support my habit and pay my bills. I started in April and after a couple of months I am now on a solid schedule of 4-10 hour days with having to work every 3rd weekend. My goal is to build my photography up so that I can work part time in a few years. In-between my training I have taken photographs of my son and his Renaissance group at the annual fair, a car show and wedding.

The Renaissance fair was such fun to photograph and surprisingly, the photos turned out better than I had hoped. I usually use a kit lens but this time I wiped out my 70-210 F4 E series Nikon lens. It’s a step between the Nikor lens and a Kit lens.  Oh, and did I mention it was a manual lens so yeah that made a little more work for me. I was pleasantly surprised that I did not miss a lot of shots due to soft focus, in fact that lens was better than any of my new lenses I have. It’s the glass I tell you that helps make the shot. Here are a few of my favorite shots. The last few shots were of another troop that my son is not apart of, I just enjoyed their group. And yes those are real and they do fight with swords, javelins and knives. 

The car show was put on by my church and held in their parking lot. It wasn’t scheduled that way but because of small city council issues it was moved to that space. Which was ok because we wanted great cars to look at and to show off our church as well. The quantity of cars on display was small but the quality was amazing.  Some of them were late to arrive and consequently I did not get to photograph them, I was sick that whole weekend and still suffering some effects.

That same day was my niece’s wedding. Nothing big, just us and her family. It was held at our Czech Museum here in town. It was hard to believe she had grown up and was moving to the east coast. For a small wedding, it was very lovely.

I have a few images planned for the weekend and going to work on them as well as getting my stuff together for submitting to the first hand full of galleries not to mention get a print of a lily on water color paper. Its time to get back to work.  

Water Lilies

I have updated and added the water lilies to my website. This unintentional project was one that was shot over two years as I studied the light and shadow and how they played on the lilies. I say unintentional because after I processed them I burned them to a disc and left them alone. I had hoped to print them but somehow talked out of it because you don’t show flowers in galleries. I thought at one time creating large prints on watercolor paper and float them in a matte. But as I messed with them and turned one into black and white I soon realized my vision of this project was complete.

What I love about creating black and white is the drama of the darker range of the grey scale. What I mean by that is best represented in the lighting of Film Noir. I was always attracted to the dark drama grey scale of the film Maltese Falcon. The dark black shadows to the highlights that was just above middle grey and very few white highlights. That was fine art and that was what I wanted to capture in my images but until recently I hadn’t.

Going back to when I first processed these images I kept them almost biochromatic having only the color of flower and the leaves. I was happy with them as they stood but I felt the image did not have the impact I wanted and I was not sure why. I think it was because I was too close to the images and distracted by events in my life to make the connection of switching them to black and white. And I had just started to show in a small gallery and they had already a large quantity of flower photographs so my attention was drawn away.

Now with my commitment to live in the world of Black and White I believe my images, at least these, make the impact that I was looking for and inspire me to create more. Not only the flowers but in the project, I am currently working on.

I hope you enjoy these images and if you are interested in these or any of my images to purchase for your own collection, please feel free to contact me

The last part of April I took a working trip with my wife to Wisconsin, she worked while I got to play. I visited Cave of the Mounds where in previous years Buffey, my wife, Colin and I checked out the cave. The landscape is pretty in the summer but because it is early spring it was kind of bare. I figured I look around and create images with what was there. To my delight the barn, small building and water feature was still there.  I had to photograph it once again and most likely will again when I go back.

The water feature is part of a mining or panning activity. It is not something that most people think to photograph it but I felt it was a good exercise in long exposures and moving water. I think I capture it in the most interesting way it will be ever caught.

The Door is part of a barn that who knows how long it has been standing. I love the texture and lines vertical that the door creates against the horizontal lines of the rest of the barn. I like better this image I created from the last one about 4 or 5 years ago.

I am not sure what the building is housing but since I had been there the vine had grown up the side. I love the broken movement of the vine against the regular pattern of the brick and windows. The roof pattern and texture is the only think akin to the natural pattern and texture of the vine.

I have many more to process and will post them in the coming weeks. If you ever get a chance to visit the Cave of the Mound I would. It is a great cave and the surrounding area is beautiful and not too far from a state park. Not to mention Mt Horeb where you can get the best food and beer at the Grumpy Troll.

CR Museum Gallery

Well it took a few weeks but this week I will have my work available to purchase at the Cedar Rapids Art Museum Gallery. I am really excited about it because as I looked around the gallery there are a lot of talented artist’s work I share space with. One, who I am familiar with is my professor of print making, Chuck Barth. He prints using etched plates and creates color prints Mexican flavored inspired figures. Beautiful work.  

I placed two pieces in so far but I have plan to do more as I can afford it. My work centers around the City of Cedar Rapids which is unique from any of the other artist in the gallery. I was told that people are generally interested in artwork of this town, who knew? The work I am planning to put in has a bridge theme to it. Two of which are completed, one I need to print and one I am thinking of needs to be created. The bridge I am contemplating in using to create an image is being worked on now so I am waiting until the project is finished.

Now that I have a taste of getting into a gallery I plan to do reach to more outside the city. I’d like to explore the possibility of Iowa City just because my work would have some familiarity but would be to familiar that it would not sell. I am also considering going out to other cities in different states, I just need to research them and see who I might fit. But it all hinges on getting my work completed.

So, this past month I have been occupied with my new job. The unfortunate thing about being an artist is that sometimes you must work a job to pay the bills. I returned to St Luke’s and now working as a Phlebotomist, I draw blood for the lab. I am good at it and you get to meet people from all walks of life. It’s a job that reminds you how fleeting life can be. I think it pushes me to keep photographing and creating work always, now more than ever. Life is short and I don’t think I have a body of work that is complete. I am on the tail end of my training and my hours are closer to my regular schedule so it is leaving me time to create photos and post. I am excited to get back to work and create more photographs.

Waterlily #7

Most of my photographic life I have been told, “if you want to be shown choose any subject other than pets and flowers.” It seems that you are not taken seriously as an artist if you create images of flowers or pets. I don’t believe that to be true for the most part. Take, for instance, Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, Bouquet of Sunflowers by Claude Monet or Tuft of Cowslips by Albrecht Durer. A small portion of larger number of artist that at one time or another had flowers as a subject in their portfolio. “That’s paintings, what about photographs by famous photographers?” you might say. That one was a little tougher but here is what I found. Ansel Adams Rose on Driftwood, Imogen Cunningham Callla Lilly and Edward Weston Succulent. Three of the many photographers who had flowers as a subject matter. Some of these prints are still sought after by collectors today. So why are flowers as subjects of images so frowned upon? I think it is because it is so hard to create an image that, done well, is art whereas it’s very easy to create an image that can be labeled as trite.

If you look at what someone like Edward, or Imogen did you would see it, the flower, is a study of form and shape as well as how light defines that image. The drama of the greyscale and details the or comparison to a relating subject. It is study, an investigation of the subject to get a better understanding of how we feel or how it relates to us and our world. Now most of what I had seen for these three artists have been in black and white, not color. Color, for me, of a flower is a given is part of the subject that we all see form the start. Viewing the subject in black and white forces you to deal with the subject on a light and dark, shape and texture without the bias of the emotion of color. Take color out of the equation of any photograph and if you still have an image that grabs you then you a sound photograph.

Where flowers become trite is when the subject is treated as a sunset, all color with no real thought about form, shape, light or composition. A snapshot an afterthought that caught the photographers eye so they decided to take it. Then after a quick post processing show around to friends and say “ Look how pretty the colors are.”  This, I believe, is why the flower as a subject gets such a bad rap. The total disregard of the subject by so many people that the subject of a flower is tarnished for many people.

With that said I have a study of my waterlilies that I created over a summer season. These were in my pod that received shading from a large tree which created interesting patterns of light. I studied the light and how the shadows would fall on the flowers and when I found an interesting pattern I began to shoot. As spectacular as the color of the flower is, I found the images worked so well in black and white because of how the light played on the flower, leaves and pond.

I will be working on the rest of the photos taking them form color to black and white. I will have a set or a subset of color images only. I will also add more to this group as the season begins.

If you like these my images feel free to explore the rest of my webpage or check out my blog post on the side. Feel free to send me any comment or question you have or share my work with a friend that you’d believe would enjoy it. Thanks.

Door #72

Doors as a subject matter doesn’t sound like much of an interesting subject matter but for me the old building doors around town fascinate me. Old as in the buildings of the 20’s and 30’s because the designer of the building incorporated the door to the design, unlike today. Today’s buildings seem to treat the door as an afterthought or something to hide. Today’s doors are just a pane of glass with a handle and words painted on it, or it is glass framed in a metal sleeve. A cold barrier that is relative unimpressive and uninviting.  

Looking at the buildings of the era you can see that the door is something that was thoughtfully designed to accent the building. A door way is a place that greets visitors, to prepare them for the wonders of the design of the inside and the object that announces you to the outside. A door is functional keeping the weather out but a door should incorporate the design of the whole building. A door is more that its name implies.

The Matyk Building Door is set in, giving you the feel of being in the space without being truly in. The welcoming being closer to the inside, the shelter of the space from the weather gives the space warmth.  This accented by the plants, which are dead, and the glow of the gas light above and the wood. The wood that gives life and character of the door. Wood is warm, life and a welcoming feeling to the space to the house. I believe no matter what the rest of the building is made from, a wooden door will always warm you before you go into the house and that is how it should be.

The exit door from the TCR Building has that quality as well. The doors have that feeling of the warmth of the inside sheltering us announcing us to the world. What this space says to me, “Thanks for coming, we have enjoyed you but now the story is over and it’s time for a new story somewhere else.” That sounds funny but to me that is what a good exit door should be.

Doors, there is a lot of them around town that I will be photographing because I believe in some way they are a part of our town visually and metaphorically.    

 The Matyk Building Door. The plants are long past dead but still gives life to the space. 

The Matyk Building Door. The plants are long past dead but still gives life to the space. 

 The TCR Exit Doors. This space is a warm thoughtful exit out to the world that says to "thanks and comeback again." 

The TCR Exit Doors. This space is a warm thoughtful exit out to the world that says to "thanks and comeback again." 

Bill #1

You ever have an encounter with someone that leaves you thinking to yourself “There was a reason for that, just what it is?” I had such an encounter while walking with my tripod over the shoulder, down 3rd avenue. I turned to my right and saw someone waving me down then crossing the street. For a moment, it looked like a friend of mine but just a little ragged, it wasn’t.  Once I recognized that it wasn’t it was too late. I was committed to the engagement of conversation with whoever this person was.

“How was the fishing? I see you have a pole “then he stopped, “Oh sorry I thought that was a pole.” I said no “it was a tripod for the camera.” “Taking pictures of what?”  I explained that I was photographing around the down town are and I was about to head out. He asked for what and if I worked for a newspaper or something? I replied that no I was just doing it for myself. That is when he said I should photograph him that he would be a good subject. At first I was a little reluctant but what the hell, I could do it.

I had him sit on the bench and asked him what he was up to? He said his name was Bill and that he was walking around. He explained he was a Navy Vet and that he was trying to work the lawyers for a shoe shine. “Most of the don’t because they carry plastic.”  I told him I thought that sucked on the lawyer’s part. He talked about a few other things but I couldn’t quite follow and after the session I gave him a few bucks. And before we parted he told a blond joke about two blonds on the opposite sides of the river. I can’t remember it but it is the equivalating of a blond being behind a steering wheel being called an airbag.  The whole encounter took all of 5 minutes and I came away with an image I did not ever think I would get and he with a few bucks.

I felt and still feel I am missing the point of that encounter. That there was some reason for it and maybe I missed something. Maybe the reason for it has not yet played out and that it will hit me someday when I least expect it. Either way I hope that he did get something to eat with what I gave him. If you see Bill ask him to tell you his blond jokes and maybe give a few bucks for a meal. Bright his day and the other people like Bill in the world. We all have something that we can share with others just to make our lives a little bit better.

Lamp #1

Despite the gloomy skies, I made my way downtown and began my photographic journey creating images of Cedar Rapids.  Because the grey flatness of the sky I looked for subjects that did not depend on it to be enhanced. I headed to the Iowa Bank Building to see if I could create an image using the street lamps and building. As I passed this building I have often felt the arches are something you see in a bigger metropolitan city in the financial district. The street lamps seem to compliment that feeling when you see them next to or visually placed on the building. That is what I am after.

The one side, 3rd Street sidewalk, has construction going making it impossible to create an image without a lot of clutter. So, I opted for the 2nd avenue sidewalk and created this image. I had shot many angles but felt that I created close to what I wanted to create on the other sidewalk.

What draws me to this building and why I created this image is the fact it looks like a building for a bigger town. It was built in the 20’s when the money was flowing and big and important was the design of the financial institutions. There are a few buildings in town that were built at the same time but do not have the arches and windows this does. The arches give it that step up. I have often wanted to photograph just the arches but at this point I can’t get at the same level as they are to create the image.

The other part of this building I find fascinating is the columns that are currently being covered up by the construction work. They too have that big city look to them and I have often wanted to photograph them as people walk by them. And being in a small town the foot traffic is not that heavy. I think I would have a harder time finding to one or three people walking by them at the right time than having too many people in the shot.

I plan to make more images of this building and the street lamps through this project. I believe I have a taste of what I am looking for but not it entirely. Once the construction clears away I will create images of both the street lamps and arches along with the columns.   

Frost #4-7-9

Last Fall I was fortunate enough to have an hour to create these frost images. I enjoy getting down on the ground and photographing the plants and things that often get over looked. Being fall it seems that the only time we do look down is when the frost has built up on the plants.

I think the fascination with the frost on the plants is how the crystals grow and reach out from the plant. It epitomizes the fact that death is happening or will happen to all things summer as fall turns into winter. It is sad if you think about it but when the frost comes it creates a beautiful coating that makes the passing magical.

I chose a duotone look to give a little color in a rather colorless time. The first image is a cone flower just before it goes to seed. The Goldfinches love to feed on these throughout the winter.  The second is some ground cover that tends to stay green well into winter and the last is an annoying plant that grows berries.

Landscape #3

Tuesday was one of those days where the light and weather was not what I was looking for to make images of downtown so I opted instead to head out to the country side to create photographs. Being spring the weather tends to be turbulent for most the days. In the latter half of spring into early summer the number of storms that produce tornados grow substantially. As Iowans, we tend to live by the weather. The farmer’s success is tied to the favor of the weather so it is common place that we keep one eye on the sky while going about our daily lives. And in the spring when the weather turns bad and storms roll across our plains we don’t always head for shelter. Instead sit out on our front porch and watch the violence of the wind, rain wrapped in thunder and lighting and the few tornados carve paths of destruction in our fields.  Only when the danger is truly baring down upon us do we seek shelter only to step out and face the destruction head on.

As bad as the clouds look it was one of those spring days where it could not make up its mind wither to rain and be nasty or just look that way. Many of times on days like these I couldn’t help be drawn to stand out in a field and watch the clouds race by. It’s the drama of the sky and the energy that swirls and builds in the atmosphere. It’s watching the clouds move one way or another and as they did the light change giving them and the landscape character rather than flat grey like winter.  

For me Spring is change, the energy that is building to push the life from the ground. I could feel it standing there as the clouds passed overhead creating a friction between land and sky, anticipating a spark, a bolt of lightning discharging the color of the planet breaking the monochromatic spell of winter. Just stand there and you will feel it.

Side Track

Got a little side tracked in the photos I wanted to create. I was going to start working on my city project but an opportunity came up and I took it. The thing about photography is that you have to jump to get the images you want when they present themselves. Too many photographs missed when you think " I'll get it next time." Well too many times I thought that and next time never presented itself. So instead of going downtown, which given that it was St Patrick's Day I headed to the Hawkeye Wildlife Management Area and took photos. 

The Iowa River is low and large tree stumps were visible and I felt that my opportunity was now or never.  So an hour before sun set I arrived and headed to a spot I had seen from the road on my way to work. It was either going to be as good as it looked form the road or it wasn't. I had to risk it. 

So with the wind blowing hard and no real clouds for reflected color of the sun set, I thought it best to do long exposures of the water against the tree stumps or rocks of the shore. I arrived at a group of stumps that look more like pier columns then tree stumps and got started. I knew that the motion of the water would make interesting shadows on the surface of water and give it an strange glassy smoke look to it. I wanted to create strong contrast without losing detail of some of the mind tones. Create a strong emotion through the line, grey scale, and motion of the water despite the subject matter.   

After setting up I moved around the subject and picked a few angles to try. I kept  the horizon out because it was too busy, too distracting for the image. After a few shots I arrived at this final image. 

As I look at this image I see three lines; the first is the shore line, rough but distinct. Running parallel is the two columns of wood sticking out and tying them together are the two rocks between the two. The water came out great between the strange appearance the reflection and shadowed areas I couldn't have created this any better. My final processing really gave this image the weight it needed to convey the emotion I wanted from it. 

The second image of the shore line isn't as strong as the first but I believe that there is a lot going on. I processed this image in much the same way but I tried to give it layers of detail that the first image did not have. 

Now that St Patrick weekend is over it should be safe to go downtown and explore for the images I want to create. Until then I would like to hear from you. What impressions does these images give you? Comment below and stay tuned for more. 


New Project

Decided to start a new project. I am going to create a Photographic Essay of Cedar Rapids. It's not going to be some history piece but it will be the way or vision I have of my home town. I will be creating video blog post of each shoot so you can see my creative process I go through creating my images. The post, however are not going to cover the photographic technical guru stuff so if you are looking for that, then ask but don’t expect it in the video. Here is a link to my first video I did. Don’t be harsh. All I have to create the videos is a Hero GoPro and a stick. Not to mention I am not a Ryan Reynolds. So enjoy and stick around for more I am sure things will get better. 

Hardest thing to do...

I think the hardest thing is to be honest with yourself. This is something I struggle with every day because I am something of a dreamer. I have dreams of owning my own business and being the boss instead of answering to a boss. I get tired of taking jobs that people tend to look down at you for doing. I shouldn’t let that bother me but it does. And being a boss or owner is not the easiest thing to do because the how well the business preforms is related to the person who is in charge.

So recently I turned 50 and started to think about what I wanted to do with my second half, the better half of life. I set out to see what I could do with my photography and more to the point what I was willing to do with my photography. Much to how this site is set up for now I just don’t see doing portraits anymore. I enjoyed it for the most part but I just can’t give it the attention it deserves and as the market stands, my style is not “in.”

I started to seriously consider doing product and food. I had even tried some lighting techniques and food styling and felt I had a good start. I then explored what I need to learn and how to go about it, the business side of it is my downfall. I come to find there is a lot that I am sure if I was younger, I would jump right in and tackle. But now that I am older and the risks that I need to take are just out of my comfort zone

A few weeks ago, I got excepted to sell my work at the Cedar Rapids Art Museum which is a big honor for me. I feel with the help of my friend Lori I got this opportunity but I must say, as hard as it is, I do feel my work is worthy. But again, it was who I know and that she was my champion for the cause. Trying not to sound conceded. The point is that with this event and the fact now and commercial work is not in my future, it would be best for me to work a fulltime job and create art. Who knows maybe I will create a body of work that people are drawn to and will be willing to purchase so much that I can make a living with it.  

So, over the next few weeks I will be rebuilding this site to highlight my artwork and not my portraits. My goal is to highlight my photography to the regular non-photography people looking for art to hang on the walls of their home and workplaces. As far as other photographers, I hope to inspire them but now this site may not have the details of how I created an image or what I use for gear.

I am going to embrace it. As much as my ego wants to do it all, I can’t, my life is complex and time isn’t completely on my side so do what I can and create images for me. Create for all that find them wonderful, and for those who don’t.

Welcome to my next 50 year journey, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Triskaideka's Bithday Session

It will be two years since Triskaideka came into our lives as a rough and sick kitten. With a little nursing and a lot of great food this stray cat turned into the best and sweetest Cat that my wife and I have ever seen. To commemorate this occasion and celebrate his “adoption” day we did a photo session.


Because the July 4th holiday is coming we went with a patriotic theme. The banner we got at Target and the hat and collar  from Pampered Whiskers. As far as animal costumes, Pampered Whiskers made the best hat and collar that I have ever seen. The hat fits perfectly and held the position where ever we put it and molding it to the shape took little to no effort. The collar was just as easy to stylize. Both the hat and collar came in a hard cased hat box so it would be safe both in shipping and storage.


With everything set we placed the hat and collar on Triskaideka and had a thirty minute session with at least 70 plus photo shot, with at least 20 or so photographs to choose from. Once we got things cleaned up my wife began to pick and choose the ones she loved and started to clean them up. She likes to post Triskaideka’s photos on her Instagram and Facebook pages. I downloaded the session on the computer and cleaned up the same ones she had chosen.


Overall we were able to capture so many expressions from Triskaideka there is no way I could choose one as my favorite. So instead the two I love the most are the one where he is crouched down looking up and is deadpan look into the camera . The crouched down one seems so comical because you never really see the whites of cat’s eyes unless it was done in an illustration and here it is captured in a photo. The second one is the one where his head is tilted and looking straight into the camera with a deadpan look. This photo looks like he is saying “Ok, this is getting a little silly.”


Triskaideka is a great cat and would never trade him for the world. He was a stray that was just in the right place and time, not to mention loud enough to be found and loved very much. Our pets are more than just a cuddly friend but they become a member of our family. So don’t forget to include them when it comes to family portraits. Most photographers will be happy to fulfill your request. If not call me I would be happy to take them.

Last Portrait

It's the last portrait I will take with you. The last time I get to rub your velvety ears or scratch your chin. The last time I will tell you that you are my good dog like I have for the past seventeen years. You have been my frisbee dog, the one I trip over or chase out of the kitchen, the one who caught the goose but did not know what to do with it. You have been there when the day is long ready to play. And although I know it is time to say goodbye I can’t, so I will say, until I see you again old friend.

Matt and Holly

At one point of my younger photographic career I had spent a many weekends creating wedding portraits. As I grew older I started to curb the number of weddings I did until I stopped doing them altogether until earlier this year. A friend of mine recommended me to Holly to photograph her wedding. The timing seemed to be serendipitous due to my efforts to restart my portrait business so when Holly asked me I jumped at the chance and said yes.


The wedding happened on April 2nd and like the engagement session we did about a month earlier, it was cool and windy. Despite that we still created beautiful portraits that will last through the generations. With my second shooter, the talented Sarah O’Toole, we started with the bride getting ready soon after she arrived. As much time as you set aside for the portraits there seems to never be enough.


I am starting to really enjoy the natural light portraits when I can do them. There are four I did that I am proud of. The first is the window portraits that I created with both of them. There is nothing that gives the mood of anticipation like the look of a window portrait. We had both by a window that was getting reflected light into it. The softness of the light that bathed the face and dress makes for a great black and white portrait. With Matt the light gave great lines that gives him the cool factor that I believe all grooms should get.


The wedding invitation and vail were created in the sanctuary. The light coming through the stained glass and the warmth of the wood of the piano made a perfect ambiance to create this photograph. I can see this being used on a wedding book cover or a thank you letter. Soon after I created it the light was gone.

Sarah and I really enjoyed the wedding and were grateful that Holly and Matt let us create the memories that they will share with family and friend and generations to come. I enjoyed meeting Matt and reconnecting  with Holly and hope to get the chance to create new portraits of them as years pass.Congratulations Matt and Holly on tying the knot and a wish of many many years of happiness together.