60 billion spent on Pets

Did you know last year Americans spent  $60 billion dollars on their pet to keep them happy, healthy, trained and well groomed. These loveable kids with 4 legs had us spending more money in 2015 than 2014. The two groups, according to Bob Vetere the CEO of American Pet Product Association, are the Millennials because of lifestyle  and Baby Boomers because of their age. Not sure what that says about my generation, Gen X, other than we are frugal with our money?


Tops on the list for most spent out of the 60 billion was food at a whopping $23.04 billion with Vet Care at $15.73 billion and third is Supplies/OTC Meds at $14.39 billion.$5.4 billion dollars of the 60 billion were spent on pet services such as pet sitters and exercise to keep our pet looking good. That was a jump of 12 percent from the previous year, 2014 and all indications is that spending will only continue to grow in 2016.


I know as a pet owner I had spent more this year than the previous years especially in the cat food category, no pun intended. For many years my cats enjoyed a brand of indoor cat food but that all changed one day. From time to time we get one cat that pukes on the floor but for two days we had all the cats barfing after a meal. So we switched several times until we landed on a non grain blend that cost an arm and leg. The barfing stopped and they seemed happy but now the store where we get it is not carrying it. I guess I have to look else where to find the food.


As I have grown over the years I have seen pets become more and more apart of the family rather than the lump on the lawn or the bearer of dead mice at the front door. For my wife there is one cat that is and will always be her’s and will always spoil. Triskaideka is the latest cat to be on the receiving end of much love and affection in our little family. In fact he is the most photographed of all the cats. Not that I haven’t tried to take their portraits, but Triskaideka kind of likes the attention were the others run from the camera.


So when it comes time to have family portraits taken make sure you include your pets for a complete family portrait that can go up on the wall. And don’t feel bad when you spend a little more on your pets, by the looks of things you are not alone.