Hey I just wanted to tell you about a portrait  session I had with my niece Morgann a few weeks ago. The hard think about winter time is the season of outdoor portraits with the snow and cold. The hands get cold and don’t always coperate not to mention that your subject is turning blue in front of you. But Morgann and her mother, Jill, got through it despite the cold.

We first started out at my house for a few indoor shots in different outfits and with her cat, Mister Kitty. Mister Kitty, though not too upset with the situation, seemed not to appreciate his role in the session. None the less he was a trooper and we got a few great shots. With a year to go Morgann is not only getting a jump on her Senior Portraits but did help me out with rounding up my library of Senior Portraits and I can’t tell you what that means to me

After a break we met up at my favorite backdrop, the NewBo area. The old brick and shop fronts really add to the portraits. One of my favorite spots is the old Chrome Horse fire escape where we started first. After a few poses I set her up standing on the escape looking down and with her great smile and a snap of the shutter I know I had the photo.


We kept moving through the NewBo area and eventually out to Morgan’s Creek for some snow fun. There is a line of trees I set her up with the bright pink vest and the sun lighting her hair. Next we went with some playful photo with her many stocking hats. We ending with a her white coat with a fur lined hat with a more serious look. And with the sun on the horizon we called it a day

We had a great time and lots of laughs and looking over all the portraits, it will be hard to choose the best out of the bunch because there are just so many.Thanks again Morgann and Jill for your work and laughs that day. Oh and just to mention; I was down in the NewBo area and the fire escape at the Chrome Horse is gated off, looks like construction is going on and maybe your portrait on it might be the last one. We will have to see.