How is your head shot?

Most of us today have some form of social media page like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or a few others. On that page we have a cover photo and our profile photo which, most likely, is a snapshot of us. For the most part that snapshot will suffice for the fun social media pages but what about the professional pages like Linkedin? Will that same snapshot be good enough for that? Most experts would say  “No.”  



Social Media pages like Linkedin are professional pages where you are branding yourself to potential employers or employees. The portrait you have says a lot about who you are, so it must give the right message. A snapshot on the beach does convey that you are fun and enjoy the outdoors but to a potential employer it could be saying “takes a lot of time off.” On the other hand you may have a portrait that is on a neutral background but shot from a distance which makes you look too small and unrecognizable. As much as we would like to think otherwise, if we don’t look the part we will not get in the door, thereby another lost opportunity.


Below I have included two of my headshots to serve as an example. One was shot outdoors by my wife and the other was shot in my studio setup. The outdoor one has harsh shadows and hard light, not to mention my favorite Fat Tire Ballcap. This portrait says “I love the outdoors and love to drink Fat Tire Beer.” Which is true but it is not what an employer is looking for in a employee.


The second portrait has a nice clean background, my skin tones are even, my hair is neat and without flyaways, my eyes are clean and my smile is good. With the way it is cropped I look sharp and you can easily recognize me if you were to run into me at the store. Everything about this portrait exudes confidence, professionalism  and that is what employers want in their employees. Now that I have their attention I will most likely have my profile read to see if I have the qualifications.  



There are so many things that you must get right in order to get the power portrait you need to brand yourself a contender that it is best to leave it up to a skilled professional. The right expression, the clean background, the hair perfect and the outfit stunning. On my best days I can’t achieve that and get it in a portrait  without a little help from an expert.  So here is what a skilled professional photographer will do for you.


As a skilled professional photographer I am first going to listen and discuss what exactly are your portrait needs. We will talk about outfits and hair for the session yet to take place. On the day of the session I will coach you on how to pose in order to get the best results. I like to schedule an hour for the session so that way we don’t feel rushed and it give you a chance to change cloths. Once we have accomplished our goals then I do a little post production editing to give you a great looking set of portraits on a disc. And it is not just one image that you get. By having 3 or 4 images you will have the ability to change your profile portrait as often as you update your page. This way you can keep a fresh up to date look as often as you like. Try to get that from your friend with your camera phone.


So if you are looking to update your profile portrait and looking to get that 3 or 4 power photos please do yourself a favor and hire a skilled professional photographer. You may pay some up front but landing the dream job will make it a great investment.


I am interested in hearing from you. Please feel free to place a comment below or contact me on my contact page with a question or to book your next appointment. At DFG Studios we Create Your Next Unique Portrait.