Triskaideka's Bithday Session

It will be two years since Triskaideka came into our lives as a rough and sick kitten. With a little nursing and a lot of great food this stray cat turned into the best and sweetest Cat that my wife and I have ever seen. To commemorate this occasion and celebrate his “adoption” day we did a photo session.


Because the July 4th holiday is coming we went with a patriotic theme. The banner we got at Target and the hat and collar  from Pampered Whiskers. As far as animal costumes, Pampered Whiskers made the best hat and collar that I have ever seen. The hat fits perfectly and held the position where ever we put it and molding it to the shape took little to no effort. The collar was just as easy to stylize. Both the hat and collar came in a hard cased hat box so it would be safe both in shipping and storage.


With everything set we placed the hat and collar on Triskaideka and had a thirty minute session with at least 70 plus photo shot, with at least 20 or so photographs to choose from. Once we got things cleaned up my wife began to pick and choose the ones she loved and started to clean them up. She likes to post Triskaideka’s photos on her Instagram and Facebook pages. I downloaded the session on the computer and cleaned up the same ones she had chosen.


Overall we were able to capture so many expressions from Triskaideka there is no way I could choose one as my favorite. So instead the two I love the most are the one where he is crouched down looking up and is deadpan look into the camera . The crouched down one seems so comical because you never really see the whites of cat’s eyes unless it was done in an illustration and here it is captured in a photo. The second one is the one where his head is tilted and looking straight into the camera with a deadpan look. This photo looks like he is saying “Ok, this is getting a little silly.”


Triskaideka is a great cat and would never trade him for the world. He was a stray that was just in the right place and time, not to mention loud enough to be found and loved very much. Our pets are more than just a cuddly friend but they become a member of our family. So don’t forget to include them when it comes to family portraits. Most photographers will be happy to fulfill your request. If not call me I would be happy to take them.