A life’s End

Back in September 2014 I created an image of this tree as a part of my 90-day project. Part of this project was to not only create an image but to tell a story about the photograph. This was day two’s image, and this is what I wrote.

“I was drawn to this tree due to the low branch a few feet above the ground and the almost stereotypical hole that needs an owl to fill it. The texture of the tree and the branches gave this tree this character of something from a book. And you know its old because you can almost read a story about its life here, the people who lived there and the events over the years in the bark of the tree and the twists of the branches.”

Well this spring when I was walking my dog, I visited the tree and come to find it in not so good of shape the branches were bare where other trees were sprouting leaves. Still, we had a wet season there maybe some hope. As the season changed it became clear that the tree had died and soon it too would be cut down.

Today was the day that the tree was cut down.